Children of The Chapel (Chapel Kids Club)

The Mission of the Chapel Family Ministry team is to partner with every parent to model what a full and rich relationship with Jesus looks like. On Sunday's, the Children of The Chapel have an opportunity to see other adults loving them and helping them grow just like their parents are. So, every Sunday, opportunities are created to do that very thing.

Small Gatherings

Every Sunday morning, after worship is over (4:30 PM)  our Kindergarten-5th grade kids are dismissed to a creative and intentional designed rooms and programs that helps them learn more about how to be like Jesus. They are released from class at 5:30 PM.

Large Gatherings

Through out the year  our Chapel Family Ministry Team plans events like skating, bowling and other activities to strengthen the family. Often at Christmas time, there is a choir with special music, as well. If you want to know what is happening, check out our Calendar, contact the church office or check out "This Week" link ... our Chapel Connection upcoming children's events.