Our Story

Our story continues to grow .... one person at a time.

The Chapel started in 1997, when a small group joined Pastor David and Donna to build a place were God would transform their lives and their community in a special way. God is still answering that prayer today. With the help of East Hill Church of Gresham Oregon, the story that follows from that prayerful beginning, is the story of God’s grace and love at work in many lives.

The name “The Chapel” was not the first name chosen. From 1997-2004 we were known as East Hill Chapel, bringing the call of restoration and relationships from our mother church. But after a change in leadership and a new direction for our mother church, and with their blessing, we became simply The Chapel.

Over the years, The Chapel has grown into a loving and vibrant community of faith. For the first 10 years we were a mobile church, setting up in a large room at our local High School. We have also experienced life in a mall for 12 years ... and now share the facility of another church which gives us freedom to continue to dream our future home. But through all the transitions, the call to authentic relationships has stayed the same.

Our story is still unfolding, because with every new person, who finds our faith community, they bring their own story with them that only makes our story even stronger.

This is our story.