Coffee is more than Coffee

Coffee is more than Coffee

 cupwhitecoffeeIn 2006, we ended our office lease in downtown Troutdale. Soon we would be moving into a much larger facility with a much larger office and ministry area. The only problem was there was going to be a cap of about six months that I would not have any office. Starting out at my home, was fine for a while, but I got a little cabin fervor. 

I needed to find a new office. It didn't take me long to land in a coffee shop just a rocks throw from our new location. I would arrive around 8:00 am, grab a cup of coffee and started my day at a table in the corner. Lucky for me, the regular crowd that made this shop their second home would not let me just quietly set there all alone.

What followed was a lot less work then I should of been accomplishing, but it was the start of some very rich relationships with people who didn't frequent a church on a regular bases.

Coffee was more than Coffee ... it was just the opening door to new things and friendships that I think will end up in good place.