Echo Worship


You are invited to attend the launch of Echo Worship on November 5th at 6:30 PM at The Chapel at 27132 SE Stark St. in Troutdale.

Echo Worship is more than an event; it is a movement toward God. At the Chapel we often hear conversations about wanting more of God. Many of us hear a call from God, a call to come in closer, to spend time in his presence, to quiet the noise and listen to his voice. Many of us long to grow in the ways that we express our worship and devotion to Him.

 Echo Worship is a response to those needs, created to provide a setting for us to be purposeful in our attentiveness to the Holy Spirit by exploring new avenues of in-depth worship through song, art and prayer.

 We are excited to share this time with as many God-seekers as we can bring together from our community. Please come, invite your friends, co-workers and neighbors. Come, draw close to the Lord with us! There will be a free will offering taken.

Kathy Rice


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Stockholm Syndrome

13_2048While celebrating our 44th Anniversary in June, Wayne and I were privileged to attend Sisters Community Church, where my parents attend, on Father's Day. The pastor, Mike Silva, shared a powerful message, not just to Father's, but to us all.

He talked about Stockholm Syndrome, the way your mind can be swayed over time, when you are kidnapped, to the point where you become attached to your captor. If you remember what happened to Patty Hearst, when she was captured and then committed a crime with those who captured her.

He likened this phenomenon to the way the world can start to seep into our lives over time. Where we start accepting the world view over what the Bible tells us and how it can change us and weaken us. Pastor Silva said that the devil only has 3 plays in his play book (Lust of the Eye, Lust of the Flesh and the Pride of Life). Those are what he uses to attack us and obviously, since the world began, it has worked. If we are aware of what he is doing, we can be victorious over his attacks.

He asked us "What sank the Titanic?" My thought was "The Iceberg, of course!" Wrong! It was the water! If you keep the water out of the boat, it won't sink! Same way with the world.... if you can keep it out, you will live a more victorious life. Of course we have to be full of God's word, and his Holy Spirit, not the world.

He gave a slingshot to every man there, to put in a prominent place in his home or office to remind them that they are the spiritual leaders in their homes and we are under attack from the enemy of our souls!

Let's keep the boat afloat!

Becky Buckelew



tree-tattoo4Almost 17 years ago we moved into a newly constructed townhouse. A maple tree was planted on the sidewalk in front of each of the four units in our development. The trees started at about 10 feet tall. During the first few years we all watered our individual trees, nurturing them to take root. In time each tree took hold, relying upon surrounding soil and rain to provide nourishment. As well, we solicited the service of an arborist to prune and trim our tree several times throughout the years.

Our tree grew and Grew and GREW, eventually to the height of 32 feet versus 25 feet for her sibling trees! As well, the diameter of her trunk measured twice the size of the others! Squirrels ran on her limbs and birds nested in her branches. Summer leaves provided shade and autumn foliage delighted senses. We loved our tree! However, she began to disrupt the sidewalk in front of our house, cracking and raising the cement and curb. Our beloved tree, in her unruly growth, had “outgrown her britches,” the boundaries in which she was meant to be contained. And, this caused a hazard to her surroundings and those who might pass by. Therefore, with sadness we decided she must be cut down.

Several weeks ago I watched as the arborists skillfully destroyed our maple and replaced her with a 12 foot paperback maple, a slow growing variety. First the crew sawed her trunk to the ground and ran her through a chipper. Next, they ground into her roots with a grinder, destroying her life. OUCH! The empty space once inhabited by her created a cavity to fill with rich soil to plant the replacement tree. After this process was completed the workers spread a layer of chips on top, chips created from the old, sharing essence with the new!

God spoke to me during this observation. He said, “I am a God of second chances. I forgive 70 x 7 times! Your cherished and beautiful maple became unruly despite My nurturance. With your help I watered, pruned, and attempted to guide her growth, but she became wild. Now, I must cut her down in order to replace her with new life. I will grow her within My boundaries and she will have beautiful purpose if she will give her roots to Me.”

And, I thought, “If God will do this for a tree, how much more will He do for one made in His image?” And, I thanked My Heavenly Father for His personal message, delivered at just the right time. That’s how He works!

(Jesus speaking to Peter) “My Father in heaven, God himself, let you in on this secret of who I really am. And, now I’m going to tell you who you are, really are.” (Matthew 16:17-18, Message Version)



Susan Whitney

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Testimony Night

Testimony Night

Psalm 66:16 Come and hear, all you who fear God;
let me tell you what he has done for me.EChandler

Stories are powerful, and sharing our own stories with each other is an essential part of living in community.
We believe that choosing to be vulnerable is good for us and good for others; it is a holy thing to do.
Talking about our journeys in life and faith does all of these things and more:

  • Gives God the glory for the work he has done and is still doing in our lives
  • Gives us the opportunity to praise God for his goodness to us
  • Encourages all of us that we are not alone in our struggles
  • Strengthens our connection to each other
  • Reinforces our commitment to choosing to trust God and his plan for us

During the testimony night on March 6th, here’s what you can expect:

  • An atmosphere of grace
  • Music that is designed to help you connect with God
  • Time to worship and reflect on God’s work in your life
  • Opportunities to express yourself to God and others with art, in writing, and by telling part of your story

We are incredibly excited about this event. No matter how big our group is, we will encounter God and grow together.
We would love to have you join us!

Evan Chandler



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Coffee is more than Coffee

Coffee is more than Coffee

 cupwhitecoffeeIn 2006, we ended our office lease in downtown Troutdale. Soon we would be moving into a much larger facility with a much larger office and ministry area. The only problem was there was going to be a cap of about six months that I would not have any office. Starting out at my home, was fine for a while, but I got a little cabin fervor. 

I needed to find a new office. It didn't take me long to land in a coffee shop just a rocks throw from our new location. I would arrive around 8:00 am, grab a cup of coffee and started my day at a table in the corner. Lucky for me, the regular crowd that made this shop their second home would not let me just quietly set there all alone.

What followed was a lot less work then I should of been accomplishing, but it was the start of some very rich relationships with people who didn't frequent a church on a regular bases.

Coffee was more than Coffee ... it was just the opening door to new things and friendships that I think will end up in good place.



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