Chapel Bible Reading Plan

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There are a lot of ways to read the Bible for Growth

  • "Surprise-Me" where you just open your Bible and see where you are going to read for the day.
  • The One-Year Plan many online Bible sites have a number you can selected from. Some of these plans are more complicated than others, having you read in multiple sections of scripture each day.
  • Reading a book or large section multiple times. 

All of these are good and are well tested and can produce growth. If you would like to see some other suggestions ... READ MORE HERE

The Option we have choose to follow for the last five years is a custom designed plan created to enhance and support the sermon of the Sunday. Every week, we post the reading plan with selection to read, a Key verse or two, followed by a short description and a couple of questions to follow. We have found that this approach has been very successful for growth and maturity. Enjoy.


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